Certificate of Appreciation to present to the Eagle Scouts

at the Court of Honor ceremony.

Requirements to receive the Certificate of Appreciation

When our Scouts achieve a rank of Eagle Scout we are very happy and we are pleased to provide the Certificate of Appreciation to the appropriate Scout leader.

Before you submit our name to your Scout Leader to request this Certificate, please follow the guidelines below.

1. You must have completed the Karma Award requirements.

2. Please provide us with :

The Scout Name – as it appears on the Karma Award Certificate

Graduate Number (can be found on the karma award certificate or on the back of the Award)

Date when the award was presented (on the karma award certificate or on the back of the Award).

3. If you wish to have the Certificate of Appreciation in a particular format or style, please provide us with a sample copy.

4.  We do appreciate the invitation to attend the Eagle Scout ceremony.  However, we cannot attend these ceremonies all over the US.  We are however pleased to request your Karma Bhakta to attend on our behalf.  Kindly provide us with his/her current address and contact information so that we can contact the Karma Bhakta.

5.  The request for the Certificate can be from the Scout, Karma Saathi, Karma Bhakta, or Scout Leader.  However the certificate can only be sent to the appropriate Scout Authority.  Please do provide the name/address/ and proper contact information.

6. There is no charge, however we do appreciate any donation.

7. Kindly allow 2 to 3 weeks.

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