At present, none of the Scout programs have the Religious Recognition Program available for either the Jainism or Sikhism.

Hindus, Jains, and Sikhs make an ideal peaceful co-existance of  religious belief followers in the world.  The inter-marriage between Hindus and Jains, and Hindus and Sikhs is common.  To-date there have been no known communal clashes between these three religious groups.  Although all three are distinctly different religions, the basic concepts in all three remain the same.

Jain and Sikh children can and do work towards and earn Dharma Award with their parent’s permission.  The basic concepts of Dharma, Karma, Incarnation, and Bhakti covered in Dharma Award is common to both Jainism and Sikhism.   Please bear in mind that this is a Hindu program and thus it is necessary to substitute either Jain or Sikh concepts within these broad four categories – such as Mantra to be recited in Step 4 can be Navkar Mantra for Jain Students instead of one of the Hindu Mantras.

Karma Award Program is distinctly Hindu and although children of other religions do earn them, it should be understood that it does not contain any teachings of either Jainism or Sikhism.

Jain or Sikh students should refer to the priests in their respective temples or leaders of their community organizations regarding availability of student programs out side of the Scout programs.

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