NAHA offers three types of awards. Each allows Hindu children to learn the fundamentals of Hinduism and gives parents an opportunity to participate.

Please pick the one appropriate for your situation:

  1. Dharma Series – This program is suitable for pre-teens, grades 3 to 8 (pre-High School).
  2. Karma Series – This program is suitable for teenagers, high schoolers, and young adults.
  3. Certificate of Appreciation for Eagle Scout of Honor

Information on Dharma & Karma Awards, Frequently Asked Questions, and Order Form For International Students (Outside USA)

At present, the students from Fiji Islands in South Pacific can complete either Dharma or Karma Award requirements by obtaining the supplies locally.  For contact information and further information, please CLICK here.

Students from other countries can obtain their supplies from our office in the US.  We would love to hear from you or your organization so that these programs are readily available to students in your country.  Please send us an email at