List of Bhakta Volunteers

It is with our great pleasure that we introduce the following individuals who have volunteered their time to act as  Bhakta to educated our young in the basics of Hinduism:  List of Bhakta Volunteers

We need volunteers in every state.    These individuals have volunteered their services as Suddha Karma (doing something without expectation of any reward – or even thank you) and thereby teach the same to our young ones.  There are two ways to volunteer:

  1. Complete the I would like to be a Bhakta form.
  2. If you are currently acting as a Bhakta, check appropriate boxes on the ‘Bhakta’s Comments and Observation’ page in the Bhakta Manual and send it to us.

General Guidelines for Students and Dharma Saathis:

  1. Please remember that the Bhakta is volunteering their services.Be respectful of their time.
  2. You, the Saathi, MUST always be present with Student.
  3. Please be interested in what Bhakta has to say and pay attention.

Any comments or questions you have are most welcome.  Please write to us at