This program is suitable for teenagers, high schoolers, and young adults.

Below is the curriculum outline for the Dharma award:

  1. Dharma
  2. Artha
  3. Kama
  4. Moksha

These are the four canons of Hinduism. They are introduced at a more advanced level. The structure is more formal, and a constant interaction with adults is emphasized.

Several advanced concepts such as Suddha Karma, daily puja, mantra recitation, scripture reading, and studying are emphasized.

Each canon involves a student with an independent project, puja, and other things to do. The study is comprehensive in nature and allows both student and mentor to go in-depth to the level of their own abilities.

Below are the awards that are currently available.

Our youngest student is 13 years and oldest 26 years.

To earn the Karma Award, CLICK here.

To download guidelines click for preparing
Karma Saathi-Project Book Guideline