The Little Boy who Started It All

I often get asked, “How did you get started in this Dharma Award?”  The answer is simple.  It is the curiosity and tenacity of my (then 9 years old) son Nayan.

I did get an opportunity to chronicle the little segment of this history in the Indian Magazine called India Current in March 2008.  I am happy to provide a link to that article.  INDIA CURRENTS – MARCH 2008, P. 106

Originally approved by the Boy Scouts of America in the year 1983, it has since then been also approved by the Girl Scouts of the USA.   With continuing demand for older children and adults, the Karma program was approved in 2001.

Nayan was the first student to receive the Dharma Award on May 1, 1984.   Since then, well over a thousand children have completed these award programs.

Nayan graduated with a Computer Science degree from Cornell University, and has his own consulting company (Chikli Consulting).  He hosts this website and is our ‘in-house’ consultant.  He has three beautiful daughters, Zoë, Ava, and Téa.  The girls, like their dad, are equally curious and have been a great source of inspiration for several of my books – which I wrote just for them – and are now available to all children through this website.  Thank you Nayan for making this all happen.

February 2011

Bhupendra Hajratwala, President, North American Hindu Association