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Dharma Saathi Comment, Step 4, p. 29: ... I am grateful to this program as it has helped me set a discipline for prayer at home. We used to be ad-hoc and festival focused but now it will become part of our daily routine, what I always wanted to achieve! Thanks! 08/15/2014

Chitra M., 2014-09-24, Livingston, NJ

Dharma Saathi Comment for Step 2- Karma 3: ... she is changed a lot. She realizes that her actions are really important. She knows what is equally important are the motives behind the actions or karmas. She understands the actions and reactions constitute the quality of life..... 04/17/2014

Rohit G., 2014-05-26, Coppell, TX

Dharma Bhakta Comment: ... For scouts this is a great program as it gives them an opportunity not only to learn about Hinduism but enables them to tie in the concept of 'Duty to God' that is taught in Scouting to everyday life. This concept is reiterated when the Scouts work on the award.....04/14/2014

Kalyani C., 2014-05-26, Coppell, TX

Dharma Saathi Comment: This program is very helpful to assist young Hindus in America to learn about hinduism. It should be publicized at all mandirs and temples. ...... 05/18/2014

Vijay S., 2014-05-21, Gaithersburg, MD

Karma Bhakta Comment: ... After going through all the teaching and Adhyaya, I realized that his (Karma Student's) thought process was changing and he was getting a very good understanding of submission to God and focusing on karmas, rather than the awards associated with the karmas. ... I feel privileged to be able to participate in this program ..... I would like to congratulate NAHA for doing such a wonderful job for the Indian kids in the US. 04/21/2014

Superna M., 2014-05-18, Gurgaon, Haryana, India

Karuna, T., Karma Saathi Comment: ... I have personally seen a lot of change in him (Karma Student, age 14) after completion of the program requirements. .... NAHA has designed this program to enable the kids and even their parents to learn how to expose the kids to the different religious activities. 04/21/2014

Karuna T., 2014-05-13, El Paso, TX


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