Volunteer to act as a Bhakta or a Group Coordinator

For Dharma and/or Karma Programs

We constantly get requests from parents about whether there are any groups which are currently operating where their child can join in.

If you have participated in any of our programs, you know the value it provides to children of all ages, besides being educational to parents.  We need your help.

Kindly consider volunteering either

– as a Bhakta for individual students or group of students (more than 3).

-or as a Group Coordinator for Dharma and/or Karma Awards.  Groups have three or more students.

This is a Suddha Karma with its reward being the joy of teaching young children about our religion.


Please send email us at info@naha.us a brief information about yourself as follows:

Name, sex, age, contact method (email, phone), if previously acted as and your current preference as either Saathi, Bhakta, or Coordinator for Dharma and/or Karma Awards. The more information you provide, more comfortable parents feel about bringing their children to you for teaching.  Please state the City and State where you are located or the area from which students can come to you.

The information will be posted on the LIST OF BHAKTA VOLUNTEERS on our website – under the tab “Programs”.


Time Committment:

For Dharma Programs:

About 1 hour per week for about 4 to 6 weeks. Most students begin program in the beginning of the school year – either in September or in January. Most meet on weekends. Most complete their program in about a month or two. You need to organize a Puja at the end to celebrate completion of program.


For Karma Programs:

About 1 hour per every two to three weeks for about 6 months. This is a longer program involving older children. Most meet on weekends. More active participation is required. You need to organize a Puja at the end of each chapter called Adhyay to celebrate the completion of that segment of the program. There are total of four segments.