The Meaning of Om


The word Om is inscribed on the Dharma Medal in Devnagari Script. This is a script commonly used in North India. A typical example of the language using this script is Hindi, which is one of the national languages of India. The word Devnagari means the residence of Gods.

Om is a combination of three letters. A, U, and M. Each letter represents one of the Hindu Trinity. The most commonly accepted explanation is as follows:

  • The first letter A (pronounced like e in her) stands for the Lord Brahma, the creator of the universe. It is also the first alphabet letter A in the ancient Hindu language Sanskrit in which most of the scriptures are written.
  • The second letter U (pronounced u as in put) represents Lord Vishnu, the preserver of the universe.
  • The third letter M (pronounced m as in must) represents Lord Shiva, the destroyer of the evil in the universe. 

The combined sound of the two vowels and one consonant forms a word Om which is considered a sacred Mantra in Hinduism.

It is the only word when meditated upon by slowly chanting that reverberates through the mind. Thus, it yields all the benefits that go with peace of mind. It is considered that by uttering one word, Om, repeatedly (chanting mantra), one worships and appeases all three Lords of the trinity at the same time.